About me

Finishing my Masters degree in Business management and English back in 1990, I was drawn to my initial love for teaching. From then on, my career path veered from teaching to customer coordinator, project manager to being a progress coach in a Sixth Form College. This last step inspired me to become a qualified coach. I decided to leave full time employment in September 2016 and after a very enjoyable 6 month training with Animas I got my Transformational Life Coaching certificate in May 2017 and became ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited in June 2018. As a true multipotentialite, my life also involves many projects, volunteering, mentoring and training.

My coaching clients vary from students to corporate, self employed and Academics. Issues we have been addressing range from self confidence, lack of direction and clarity to procrastination.

My own learnings through this amazing journey have been patience and looking at others’ perspectives and stay curious. My key skill is presence and intuition. Looking forward to carrying on growing as a professional coach, I seize every opportunity to attend talks, networking events, read blogs, volunteer and reach out to the community.

In the long run, my main goals are to keep helping the most in need: the youngsters. I truly believe in the power of pure coaching and will endeavour to keep learning and better my skills to help you obtain the change you crave for.

Why chose me? because I will help you move forward, take action by gaining clarity and confidence to do so in a few very powerful life changing coaching sessions.

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