Coaching Could Benefit You!

Coaching Could Benefit You!

coaching could benefit you

As some of you already know, I have embarked into an amazing new journey and I simply love it. I really do believe that I have found my dream job! I want to become a life coach. I have now started my training with Animas centre for coaching. In order to pass my Diploma in Transformational Coaching, I need to gain some coaching experience. For this reason I am looking for practice clients in order to put into practice and develop my coaching skills as I am learning them.

So, what is coaching?

Coaching provides a non-judgmental and confidential space in which coach and client can collaboratively explore a client’s thoughts, challenges, ideas and goals. As a coach, I will look at how the client’s worldview is impacting their experience of life and way of being. I will give them the tools to continue to make changes beyond their coaching relationship.

Coaching is a uniquely empowering way of bringing about greater self-awareness, which can enable us to reshape many areas of our lives.

  • Coaching is not mentoring, it’s not the role of the coach to give advice, but help the client explore his own options
  • Coaching is not counselling, it does not focus on the past, on the other hand it looks at the client’s future
  • Coaching doesn’t offer a solution but facilitates the thought process for the client to understand oneself in order to reach a positive outcome

How will it work?

Because you might not fully understand what coaching is and how it can transform you, I will offer your first hour session completely free. This will allow us to get to know each other a bit more and for me to explain more in depth how coaching works and see if we are a good fit as coaching can only work with full trust. Following this initial meeting, we will discuss the way forward and see if you would like more sessions and take it from there. Coaching can be done face to face (in a public place, at mine or in the comfort of your own home), on the phone or through Skype or facetime. Follow up sessions will be charged at a reduced cost of £30 an hour. After each session, I would really appreciate if you could give me feedback and eventually testimonials.

The next step

  • If you are intrigued, interested, have questions to ask, please do send me a message on Linkedin or write a comment below.
  • If you feel you are not ready but would like to find out more about it, that’s what the first session is about. We can establish then if coaching is for you.
  • If you really don’t fancy it or simply don’t need it but you know someone who could benefit from it, then please do pass on my details to them.
  • Please share this information to your friends and family (they don’t need to be based in Cambridge to receive coaching from me). I will offer coaching in English or French.

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