How does it all work?

The best way to find out is to have a chat but here are a few pointers:

One to One sessions

What is involved:

During the consultation, you tell me the reasons for being coached and what outcome you would like from it. Each session will be geared towards getting you to this outcome (eg. changing jobs, improving your confidence…lowering your anxiety) but within each session, you might decide to address different areas of your life. You lead the conversation, I am your guide and I make sure this is what you want to talk about and if it’s not connected to your overarching goal. Sometimes you might not be sure what it is you want to change and this is what we explore together. In this case, the process might be longer than if you have a clear objective, but again not necessarily.

How often?

Regular coaching sessions are essential to sustain a momentum and keep the energy flowing. You decide how often you want the sessions to be. In general, my clients start with weekly sessions and then start spreading them out. Sometimes we also decide to postpone a session if it’s not convenient at the booked time (due to illness or overworked most likely). The key word for this coaching collaboration for us is flexibility. It needs to work out well for both of us. What is the point of having a session if you are too tired to even think properly!

Where do the sessions take place?

Again, this is to be decided jointly. Some people prefer online, others face to face, some a mix and sometimes due to circumstances we change the venue or even chose to try out  something new, like walking side by side in a park. The key word this time is ease. You need to feel absolutely comfortable in the space so that you can open up freely without fear of being listened to for instance.

Group sessions

I also offer group sessions for small businesses and teams within the setting of your office. The sessions are worked out together with the manager or partners and are completely bespoke. Typically, people share their challenges in turn and others listen and ask open questions to start with to obtain clarity and then if desired, they can also suggest ideas to take on board. These sessions are really powerful in the sense that they create a safe space where all members can share freely without fear of judgement and they also bring unity in a team and better understanding of each participant’s perspectives.


I offer different packages: to find out please go on the next section.


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