Carole’s coaching worked for me. She understood what I needed and gently challenged my limiting beliefs and assumptions, with compassion and humour. She also helped me to remain focused on my goals and be accountable. I had some major insights during our sessions together, which I am still building on today. I also really liked that that she sent information between sessions, to invite me to reflect further in my own time. 5 stars experience for me!

Compassion and humour

“My life now beats to the sound of a different drum! I have been working with Carole to establish a lifestyle of self care and continuous self development that involves regular steps outside my comfort zone. Carole helps me stay accountable to myself and helps me reflect on how I can manage to sustain this lifestyle in the face of emotionally draining family commitments which involve supporting others through life threatening illnesses. I feel very comfortable talking to Carole; she is skilled at listening, reflecting back key issues and pulling all the strands of a conversation together to help me make an action plan. I believe Carole has found her true vocation in the work she does and I highly recommend her.” Christine, Cambridge

Living life to a better beat

I enjoyed the coaching sessions and found them very useful. It gave me a chance to explore some core topics in a safe environment with time abundance. There was no strict agenda which made the experience enriching and nourishing- A chance to explore and have time to be! Natacha, Cambridge

A chance to explore!

Going through a difficult time at work I wanted a change but was not making concrete progress. I was thinking in circles, running out of ideas and clear goals, fed up! Carole helped me organise my thoughts, define priorities and practical steps. Interestingly, those sessions took me to objectives I did not expect. I feel a lot calmer as a result and know where I’m heading to, I’ll just allow myself the freedom to change path on my way there! Carole has been a great listener and knows how to nudge in the right direction, she is both sharp and caring, all in all it was an investment well worth making! Valerie, Cambridge

Made a difference!
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