CD coaching_Collaborative DialogueCoaching is all about an equal and neutral conversation, a unique way of approaching what is at stake for you. The coach is not the expert and doesn’t do all the talking and is not there to tell you what to do. We work together, hand in hand, trying to solve whatever is holding you back. We discuss the best way forward if we get stuck. You are leading the dialogue not the other way round. If you’d like, I could use the analogy of both of us being detective partners here!

CD coaching_Constructive DialogueUnlike more traditional therapy sessions, coaching sessions are much more structured and have a clear aim. Sometimes, you might not know exactly to start with what you want to gain from the coaching session and this is what we work on to find out more specifically until the goal emerges.  But, If for instance you start going on all sorts of directions, I will make sure you are still on the path that leads you to your answer. So you can vent, yes, but I will check with you if it’s helpful at this stage or not.

CD Coaching_Considerate DialogueI will always make sure you feel safe to talk and I will listen deeply and will aim at not interrupt. I will not judge you and will stay neutral (we all have different ways of seeing the world). I will reflect on what you say, I will check I understood your point so that we are on the same page. I will suggest ideas and thoughts following my instinct but will not hold down to them if they are not actually useful for you.

My Areas of coaching:

Business coaching
Career coaching
Personal development
Redundancy coaching
Staff coaching
Work/life balance
Youth coaching

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