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Who are my clients?

I wish I had a straightforward answer but in a nutshell, I will tell you the kind of people I have attracted so far and you might find that it might be you! Gender and age have been quite inclusive and same goes with ethnic background, maybe because I am a foreigner myself in the UK, clients have come from all parts of the world. What I think the most common factor has been is : people who are quite academic or reflective, people who are happy and comfortable being challenged and pushed and who feel safe enough in the coaching space to open up.People who want to figure out a bit more about what makes them tick and who they really are, what serves them and what doesn’t. And finally, people who are happy to go with the flow and explore hand in hand with me and ready to go deep and not stay at the surface of what they think is actually at stake.

Are you a multipotentialite?

Are you a starter and not a finisher, is your head spinning with lots of ideas and you always feel you need to choose and don’t know what or where to start. Do you feel bad because you are not like everyone else? Have you got more than one passion or no clear passion? You could be a multipotentialite and I can help you make sense of what kind of person a multipotentialite is and most importantly help you come to terms with this concept and through our work together help you to accept your incredible gift and not see it as a flaw anymore

Here are some of the areas of coaching I have dealt with:

  • Imposter Syndrome (feeling not good enough)
  • Procrastination
  • Confidence (lack of assertiveness)
  • Anxiety (not being in the now, dwelling on the past, worried about the future)
  • Purpose (no sense of purpose or direction)
  • Multipotentiality (too many interests/ no focus)
  • Conflicts (wanting to improve communication and  have better relationships)
  • Clarity
  • PHD and Undergraduate Students
  • Sixth Formers and GCSE and Students
  • Setting up your business/ start up
  • Expat
  • Transition
  • Study preparation (organisational skills, time management, revision)
  • Feeling overwhelmed (too many plates to spin, feeling like a headless chicken?)
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