Here are some testimonials left by various clients. See if this resonates with you and if I am the type of coach you are seeking.

“Carole is very friendly and down to earth. She is easy to chat to and I feel very comfortable telling her anything. She has really helped me improve my self confidence and understand my emotions and how to deal with them better. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! Thank you Carole!”
Kayleigh, PhD student at British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge

“I’ve been having sporadic sessions with Carole over the past year and these have been incredibly helpful. Carole is warm but also very to the point. She spots on the knots, both professional and personal, and helps to disentangle them. I highly recommend her.”
Joana, British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow at LSE, London

“I started working with Carole to ‘unstick’ my thinking about my professional life; an easy rapport together with Carole’s gentle yet incisive questioning and her respect for pauses have enabled me to discover for myself what I intuitively know. As a direct result of working with Carole my blocks are being removed and I am moving forward in a manner that feels right for me. I enjoy working with Carole: there are moments of calm, of reflection, of laughter, and of excitement at self-discoveries, “lightbulbs” and emerging goals. I am happy to recommend Carole’s services to anyone who feels that coaching may help them move forward”.
Sabra, Weight and Wellbeing Consultant, Tarporley

“Carole is a very committed, supportive and friendly coach, as well as very down to earth. If you are looking for support to achieve your life goals, Carole is an excellent choice!”
Orlando, Developer Consultant, Cambridge

“Carole helped me get clarity and perspective around some issues. I found her coaching very helpful, insightful and compassionate. I feel more relaxed , empowered and even excited about stuff which was giving me anxiety before 🙂 Thanks Carole!”
Leyla, Yoga and Belly Dance instructor, Cambridge

“I would like to recommend Carole Douillot for her amazing approach and communication skills. I had one session with her and it was enough to experience an important realisation that had been dormant for years. During my time with her I felt at ease and the comfortable setting of her home gives an atmosphere of intimacy and trust. You will feel a great relief and clarity about your next move if you have doubt. Thanks again Carole”.
Karim, Natural Health Consultant, Cambridge

“Carole was just starting out when she offered me her ear….and what kind ears. She is excellent at holding a space for me to express my thoughts and find answers in them…without spoon feeding or influencing me in any way. Thank you Carole xx”.
Emily, yoga instructor, Cambridge

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